Pixel Owners Are Experiencing Mic Troubles With No Fix in Sight

Pixel microphone issues

More problems have started plaguing Pixel and Pixel XL owners and the new issue seems to be related to the microphone side of things. Currently, there has been no solution provided to this problem most probably because the origin of this problem is not related to software.

Google Employee Believes That Pixel Microphone Problems Are Due to Internal Hardware Issues

A Google Support forum thread has reported the cries of a Pixel owner going by the name of Joseph as he reports that the microphone stopped working altogether. Even after factory resetting the phone, the problem has persisted.

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“Received my pixel today and after a few hours of use and set up the microphone stopped working entirely, except when recording video upon which it'll record audio fine as if nothing were wrong. I factory reset the phone and the issue still persists everywhere but the camera app.”

Brian Rakowski, who claims to be a Google employee says that the company and its support division are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the problem gets resolved in a timely manner.

“We are taking additional steps to qualify refurbished phones to make sure they don't have this mic problem. It's possible that some replacement phones were not properly qualified before we understood this issue, but that's no longer the case.

Also, we have been taking additional steps to reinforce the connection at time of manufacture on phones built since January. Phones manufactured in the last month should not have this problem. For phones manufactured before then, the incidence of the problem is <<1%. I know this thread makes it seem much more prevalent, but there is a selection bias at work here.”

He goes onto that the problem is not related to the software because the most common root could be a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec, which will affect all three microphones on both the Pixel and Pixel XL. This will definitely mean that customers’ devices qualify for a replacement but what sort of support will Google be able to provide users of the smartphone that are living in different countries and far from an available Google support center?

Paying $649 for the base model that does not feature expandable storage and comes with a boatload of problems means that Google should thoroughly improve its quality assurance team. While these problems come nowhere close to the Galaxy Note7 fallout, it will still result in a negative experience for the user, and they might not stick around to upgrade to the Pixel 2 if the company cannot address these hardware problems.


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