Google Might Have to Appear in Court Thanks to Its Pixel 2 XL Display Problems


Google’s quest in releasing the near-perfect stock Android smartphone might come to a temporary halt because it is possible that the tech giant might need to brace itself for a lawsuit revolving around the Pixel 2 XL display.

Widely-Reported Pixel 2 XL Display Problems the Core Reason for Possible Lawsuit

Apart from the quality control issues, there have been numerous screen burn-in issues coupled with a ‘black smear’ problem that continues to persist. Since the Pixel 2 XL features an OLED, a screen burn-in issue was most likely going to happen, but the problem does not seem to occur with Samsung phones and they feature such screens too. Then again, these displays were not made by Samsung, but LG.

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Now, these concerns have caught the attention of Girard Gibbs LLP, which is calling for irritated Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL buyers to step forward as part of an investigation into the claims.

“Girard Gibbs is investigating claims against Google, HTC, and LG for manufacturing, marketing, and selling defective Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones. Both phones have exhibited abnormalities. Owners of the more expensive Pixel 2 XL have reported that the devices’ OLED screens are suffering from “burn-in”—a phenomenon where a portion of the display remains visible even after changing the screen to display something else, degrading user experience. Pixel 2 XL owners have also reported significant “black smear”—a problem affecting certain OLED displays, in which the movement of pixels against a black backdrop creates a black smudge, distorting the display. Finally, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners have reported persistent whistling and clicking sounds while attempting to make phone calls.”

If the New York and San Francisco-based law firm receives a high number of responses pertaining to these issues, it is more than possible that a class action lawsuit will be taken against Google. Girard Gibbs has a history of going after companies involved in technology, especially those that manufacture smartphones.

A recent one involved LG and the ongoing bootlooping issues with the V10 and G4, so going after Google is not going to be anything new for them.

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News Source: Girard Gibbs