Pixel 2 Could Become as Cheap as a $350 Purchase Thanks to Google’s Trade-in Program [Poll]

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Pixel 2 Could Become as Cheap as a $350 Purchase

According to rumors, the price of the Pixel 2 stands at $649, while the larger one could be stamped with a starting price of $849. With the larger of the two reportedly more expensive than the iPhone 8 Plus, Google could be heading into trouble if it does not manage to control the pricing strategy of both phones.

However, with Apple’s carrier partners not introducing sufficiently attractive deals to help consumers become early adopters of the iPhone, Google can sweep them away with its trade-in program. Unfortunately, its trade-in program might have been introduced a little too late but does not mean the tech giant cannot follow the same suit with its Pixel 2 family when it is announced during the month of October.

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Google Introducing a Trade-in Program for the Pixel 2 Might Actually Shift Some Much-Needed Momentum in Its Favor and Away From the iPhone

With the iPhone X expected to drop in November, Google still has an early lead in unveiling the smartphone, assuming the pre-orders and official launch period takes place before the arrival of the bezel-less marvel. Paying the full price for the Pixel 2 might not be an undertaking the average joe is willing to take but the idea of getting a cheaper flagship through a trade-in program might work wonders for Google.

Still, we do not know to what extent the company is going to provide discounts for the trade-in values of different smartphones. For example, trading in your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ will give you back $305 and $345, respectively and only when certain conditions are met. This offer might be attractive for the Pixel 2 but the fact that you’re giving away a previous-gen flagship for that value might infuriate customers, especially when the aforementioned phones have so much going for them.

Now just imagine the response if Google were to take the same amount for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and provide you a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL in exchange, would you want to entertain such an offer? Tell us your thoughts down in the poll.

Should Google maintain the same trade-in value of phones for the Pixel 2 that it is charging to give you the first-gen Pixel?
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