How to Have Quick and Easy Access to Your Favorite Content – Windows 10 Tips

Rafia Shaikh

No matter how much you hate Windows 10, there are definitely some things that Microsoft has arguably done better than the pack. Thanks to Windows 10's universal apps support, Microsoft has introduced deep linking in the operating system which lets developers include multiple entry points into an app. Surprised at what are we getting at?

Content and the absolute ease of access that Windows 10 offers to a user. Using these deep links, it is now possible for you to pin your favorite content on to Start menu. Instead of launching your music app and finding the content to play it, you can simply link it directly to the Start menu to have easy access to it. Like several other universal apps, Microsoft's Groove Music also takes the benefits from the new operating system's capabilities. Among these is the ability to pin your favorite music to the Start menu.

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How to pin your favorite content to Windows 10 Start menu:

As far as music is concerned, you can choose to pin a playlist, a radio station, an artist, or simply your most favorite song to the Start menu. This already extensive list also includes content that is on your PC or in your cloud collection. If it's linked to Groove, it can be pinned to the Start menu. To pin any content to Start menu,

  • Right-click and choose Pin to Start from the context menu.
  • On touch-screens, tap and hold to get access to the menu.
  • If you have to pin a playlist or an album: display it > More Pin to Start.

You can group or arrange these tiles like any others in the Start menu. Enjoy having easier access to your favorite content.

Note: Windows 10 beginners guides are written to help newbies play around the latest operating system and get the most out of its new and old features.

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