Permanent IMEI Unlock For AT&T iPhone Available Now

For some users, the process of jailbreaking or unlocking an iPhone is just too complicated. Imagine how complicated it must be to develop these jailbreaks and unlocks. Developing an unlock for iPhone has its ups and downs. A certain unlock solution might not be compatible with new firmware that brings a new baseband. AT&T iPhone users have something to be happy about. Applenberry has come up with a permanent IMEI unlock solution for those iPhones that are locked on AT&T's network.

Applenberry has made quite a name for itself in the unlocking circuit. They have released several interposers in the past which have allowed hardware based unlock on devices that had higher basebands not unlockable through ultrasn0w. They are a legitimate name in this business. This new permanent IMEI unlock service for AT&T iPhones that they have come out with does not depend on specific iOS firmware version or baseband.

Furthermore any iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S locked to AT&T's network can be permanently unlocked through IMEI using this new service. iOS firmware versions or basebands do not matter. Since this unlock is permanent it won't fail to work when the iPhone is restored to new firmware or the baseband is upgraded. Such was the problem with interposers which would fail to work if the iOS firmware version was changed to one that was not supported by said interposer.

A word of advice though. If your two year contract with AT&T has expired, AT&T itself will unlock your iPhone free of charge. If not, you can utilize Applenberry's new service. It comes with a hefty price tag of $150 for emancipation from AT&T. Previous customers of Applenberry are given a $50 discount. Referring the service to your friends will also get you a $30 discount. Unlock requests are processed within 1 to 2 business days. An email will be sent after it has been processed. All you need to do then is to sync your iPhone with iTunes and you will see the unlock screen.

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