How People Will Use The Nintendo Switch Will Influence The Pokémon Series In The Future


The Nintendo Switch, the upcoming new console from the Japanese company, has the potential to really shake console gaming up thanks to its hybrid nature which can change the way we enjoy games. As one of Nintendo's most important franchises, the Pokémon series will eventually debut on the new console, and Game Freaks' Junichi Masuda recently talked how the console can influence the series in the future.

In a brand new interview, translated into English by Nintendo Everything, Junichi Masuda underlined how communication is very important for the Pokémon series, an aspect that the team has to keep and improve. With the Nintendo Switch's unique hybrid nature, Game Freaks doesn't have any idea on how players will use it, and the way they will once the console is out will definitely influence the series in the future.

No doubt Nintendo Switch is the future, but we will have to wait for it to come out to the market and study in what way can Pokemon benefit from it. When people get it, we will have to analyze how people use it and then think about how to develop future Pokemon titles and how to take advantage of the new console.

Game Freaks definitely didn't rest on its laurels with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, creating a game that finally pushes the series forward by breaking up the traditional formula of the series, spicing up the experience considerably. In his review, Dave noted how the two games feel refreshing and standouts for the entire series.

It feels so refreshing, from the setting to the story, characters and Pokémon themselves, and I absolutely adore it. This feels like a mold-breaking Pokémon games, a standout entry in a franchise that was certainly looking tired. I had my doubts about Sun and Moon, I really did, but after playing it they’ve all washed away. Sun and Moon are, for my money, the best Pokémon games released during this handheld generation or even the last. It’s great and Pokémon fans past and present are in for a wonderful time.