Pay What You Want and Learn About Visual Effects, Game Development and More

Rafia Shaikh

Another deal coming your way from our eLearning section - Graphics and FX Mastery bundle. This learning bundle helps you learn all about game development, visual effects and much more. Originally valued at $1,272, you can now pay whatever you want to get some courses home. However, if you beat the average price (currently $15.20), you will take home the entire bundle of over 186 hours of premium training. Head over to Wccftech Deals, name your price and get the Graphics and FX Mastery bundle.

Pay What You Want: Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle

  1. Introduction to Game Development Using C++ and DirectX: Learn the Gaming Industry Standard Development Tools
  2. SilhouetteFX: Intermediate Training: Discover the Valuable VFX Technique of Rotoscoping
  3. SilhouetteFX: Expert Training: Take Your Creative Skills to a Professional Level by Mastering SilhouetteFX
  4. Unity 5: Develop 2D & 3D Games: Dive Into the Basics of the World's Leading Cross-Platform Game Engine
  5. Creating Games in Unity Tutorials: Become the Game Developer You Were Born to Be with This Massive Tutorial on Building Games in Unity
  6. Introduction to Windows 10 App Development: Ride the Windows 10 Wave by Learning How to Develop Multi-Platform Apps From Scratch
  7. Vegas Pro 13 Training: Fly From Zero to Hero in Sony's Industry-Leading Video Editing Software
  8. SilhouetteFX: Beginner Training: Create Movie Magic by Learning This World-Class VFX Software

You can pay as low as $1 and get access to Vegas Pro 13 Training and SilhouetteFX: Beginner Training courses. Want it all? Beat the average price of $15.20 and unlock the full bundle. If you beat the Leader's price (currently, $21) you will also enter the End of Summer Super Essentials Giveaway that is valued at $1,250.

Original value: $1,272 | Wccftech Deals: Pay What You Want | Average Price: $15.20

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