PaperLike Aims to Give the iPad Pro Display Real Paper Feel


The iPad Pro has a glass display, which means you do not get the real, paper-like experience on it if you're using an Apple Pencil. PaperLike is an accessory that hopes to change all that.

PaperLike is a Cover that Transforms the Screen's Texture to Make it Feel More like Real Paper

Artists, designers and even normals like us can't deny the fact that the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is a wonderful little combo for jotting things down. But the experience is (somewhat) marred by the fact that the display feels nowhere as good as real paper. So, realizing this, one startup went ahead to create the ultimate accessory for the iPad Pro, called PaperLike, to give the display a more paper-like feel.

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It's essentially a screen protector that covers the iPad Pro's display entirely. This includes the bezels as well. Ensuring no matter where the Apple Pencil glides or you rest your hand, you'll always get the real paper feel.

PaperLike doesn't act as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill screen protector either. The materials used in it ensure that there are no fingerprint left on the display whenever you come in contact with it. Furthermore, it reduces glare by a huge margin, as demonstrated in the images below.


At the time of writing, PaperLike is a Kickstarter campaign and has met its goal of €1,500 already. This means the project will turn into a real product in time, until or unless some other hurdle comes into play.

PaperLike for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro will set users back $18, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro version will cost you $20. Remember one thing: these prices are applicable if you pre-order the accessory directly from the Kickstarter page.

I sincerely wish this project properly sees the light of day as the benefits of having a paper-like feel on the iPad Pro's display is immeasurable. Such a thing will only go down well in the designers community, since the user gets more frictional control over what they are doing.

Head over to the source link and see more details about the accessory itself. Maybe fund the startup too while you're at it!

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