Pandora Premium Music Streaming Service Launching this Week – Ready to Take on Apple Music & Others


Pandora Premium is a new music streaming service launching later this week. Pandora is initially rolling out the service on an invite-only basis.

The Music Streaming Arena is Getting Hot - Pandora Premium to Take on Big Guns like Apple Music, Spotify & More

When it comes to streaming music tracks, Apple Music and Spotify have managed to make a big name for themselves in a short period of time. While the arena is tightly packed, so to speak, but there's always room for a new entrant into the market. Pandora is not shy to jump into the game with its new Pandora Premium streaming service.

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For starters, Pandora Premium will set you back $10 on a monthly basis. And of course, the service will allow you to save songs for offline listening. The original radio service is still there, if you want to resort to the good old fashioned way of listening to music.

Pandora Premium lets you create a playlist based on the songs you are currently listening to. Once you have created a small list of songs, just tap on a "Add Similar Songs" button and your list will be populated with the most appropriate song(s) given your mood or activity. Also, every song which you given a thumbs up to is available in a separate "My Thumbs Up" playlist. Just give a few songs a thumbs up, and the Premium service will create an appropriate playlist tailored just for you. It's practically magic.

As soon as you jump into the Browse section of the Premium service, you will see songs and releases that are appropriate for you. You will not be bombarded with irrelevant tracks at all. Although pretty much every service offers such a feature, but it seems as though Pandora Premium has gotten things right. We will know for sure once the service becomes mainstream.

Search feature on Pandora Premium is dubbed as pretty exceptional as well. Instead of landing on a random song when you search for something, Pandora knows exactly what you are looking for based on your history. So you don't have to go through covers, karaoke tracks or tributes before arriving at the track which you really need.

The Pandora Premium service will start sending out invites on March 15, just a couple of days from now. And yes, there is going to be a free trial as well. For more details, visit:

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Given how big Apple Music and Spotify have managed to become over the years, it would be interesting to see how Pandora will stand the test of time. The CEO of the company expects the service to be at the top within five years. Bold ambition, we know. But who knows the company might actually end up at the to of the food chain after all.

Image Credit: Engadget