Take A Look At This Invisible Television From Panasonic Unveiled At CEATEC


The television industry has not been really quick when it comes to innovation. Especially in terms of evolving from one design to another, we can almost see how since the advent of flat screen televisions, there has been hardly anything that makes users go crazy. That’s justifiable to an extent that yes, it’s not that easy to bring something new off and on with a mere slab of glass only. But this time, Panasonic finally unveiled a new TV that is nearly invisible when you are not using it.

There’s hardly anything you can see when it’s turned off

Unveiled at the CEATEC electronics expo in Japan earlier this week, this concept is exemplary in its own way. The TV works just like any other LED or LCD when it’s turned on but has got a unique transparent look just like a clear glass when switched off. Imagine bumping into the screen just because you weren’t able to figure out there’s a TV in your way.

According to the company, it’s going to be the ‘’future of the display screens’’. Panasonic has been very cautious while developing the idea since they never wanted their competitors to come up with something similar before they actually do.

Getting into the details of what exactly made this TV so invisible, Mat Smith over at Engadget says that the screen is a collection of fine mesh embedded into the glass panel. The panel has got sliding features in it as well (according to the demo clip released by the company). Since the panel can move easily it can be used as a display with some decorations behind it. You can also use the sliding space for other stuff too. (See video below)

The display screen also features the latest OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. OLED allows each pixel to light itself separately as opposed to traditional tech. OLED has many advantages including the use of little power to light up. This is the reason panels are so thin in such a circuit. This is another step by the tech companies towards coming up with flexible OLED screens. These screens will be able to roll up or even bend according to the need of the users.

Sadly you will have to wait a few years

This is not the first time Panasonic showed this tech advancement publically. The company unveiled the concept at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. But the one they just released is slightly better when it comes to the transparency of the TV when it’s switched off.


I know some of you are already planning to buy this after seeing the demo video, sorry to burst your bubble guys but this tech won’t be available for the next two to three years. But now you at least know that something this is cool is going to be out in a couple of years you should start saving for it. Do let us know how you feel about this in the comments below.