All of These Paid iOS Apps Are Available to Download for FREE Today

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Oct 15, 2016

The weekend blues has kicked in and we’re back with a brand new list of paid iOS apps which you can download for free. Grab your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and start hitting that ‘Download’ button.

Paid iOS Apps Are on Sale Which You Can Download for FREE This Weekend Only

The drill is absolutely simple – all you have to do is tap on the ‘Download’ button. Nothing more, nothing less. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of paid apps and games that are available to download for free today.

Widget Calendar – Regular price $0.99

Widget Calendar shows the full calendar in widget.

The fastest way to check your calendar whenever you need to, even when the screen is locked!

Download Widget Calendar for iOS

SayHi Translate – Regular price $4.99

Instantly speak another language, with SayHi Translate for iPhone and iPad.

With many languages and dialects available, can you imagine talking in one language and immediately hearing yourself speaking another language?

Download SayHi Translate for iOS

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop – Regular price $4.99

Use Splashtop to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance. View and edit Microsoft Office and PDF files. Browse the web using IE, Chrome, and Firefox with full Flash and Java support. Play 3D PC and Mac games. Access your entire media library and documents. And more!

Download Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop for iOS

TableTop Translator – Regular price $9.99

Instantly speak another language, with TableTop Translator for iPad.

With many languages and dialects available, can you imagine talking in one language and immediately hearing yourself speaking another language?

Download TableTop Translator for iOS

Shadow Bug – Regular price $3.99

You are the overpowered ninja hero Shadow Bug! Save your home forest from the evil factory by slicing monsters to pieces.

Download Shadow Bug for iOS

Never Gone – Regular price $0.99

Join the thrilling fight against evil in Never Gone!

The award-winning action game with stylish gothic art designs and wonderful Therion music is available now on iOS!

Download Never Gone for iOS

Dustoff Heli Rescue – Regular price $0.99

“I need a Dustoff!” became an all-too-familiar call on the airwaves of the jungle wars. Now take off with your rescue helicopter and search and save the life of the wounded soldiers in the field, often under fire. If you can’t, nobody else can!

Download Dustoff Heli Rescue for iOS

interlocked – Regular price $0.99

Do you know those puzzles consisting of a few wooden blocks that are impossible take apart? Then you know Interlocked. Each level, you’re given a unique and beautiful 3D puzzle consisting of blocks that hold each other together. Take it apart and you’ll feel ten times as smart.

Download interlocked for iOS

Next Keyboard – Regular price $1.99

Next is a beautiful keyboard for iPhone that works as great as it looks. It comes fully loaded with lightning fast editing, predictive typing, instant access to all the emojis you love plus more, playful stickers (tacos anyone?), and stunning themes.

Download Next Keyboard for iOS

Asketch – Regular price $0.99

Asketch is a unique and versatile sketch pad that fits in your pocket. It allows creativity on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Download Asketch for iOS

Wrap Up

That’s our entire list for today and we’ll be back with more in due course, so stay tuned!