BattleTag Paid Changes Now Available For World Of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft & Other Blizzard Games


Getting tired of your World of Wacraft: Legion, Diablo 3, or Overwatch Battletag? Want to change your identity in the Blizzard universe? Blizzard now offers paid BattleTag changes.

While Blizzard already allowed users to change their moniker once for free, people can now purchase an additional change for $10 (or €10 in the EU). The chosen Tag doesn’t have to be unique, but it has to fit Blizzard’s naming policy. Friend lists will not be affected by the changed moniker, and will automatically see the new tag in their list.

Looking to change up how you identify yourself in the Blizzard online community? The BattleTag® you originally chose doesn’t have to be your nickname for all eternity—sometimes you want to switch to something more suited to the hero (or villain) you’ve become since you first arrived in the Blizzard universe.

While we’ve always provided players with one free BattleTag change per account, now we’re pleased to offer an additional paid BattleTag change service for those of you who would appreciate the opportunity to choose yet another new moniker.


If you’re ready for something new and haven’t already used your free BattleTag change, simply visit your Account Management Dashboard, and click the Change link under your Account Details to the right of your current tag.

If you haven’t used your free change yet, don’t worry—BattleTag changes don’t expire and yours will be waiting for you if and when you ever decide to use it.

If you’ve already used your first free change and still feel like a new nickname would be a better fit, the option to purchase an additional change will be available within Account Management. Changes are available for $10 each, and your new moniker will be reflected on your friends list automatically after making the change.

What do you think of this additional paid service? Do you feel it makes it easier for people to hide in the shadows? Let us know in the comments.