Overwatch Might Get a Campaign at Some Point; Competitive Mode Coming in Late June


Overwatch is out now on all platforms and regions. To celebrate the release of Blizzard's highly anticipated first person shooter, Game Director Jeff Kaplan took part in a developer Q&A posted on the game's official Facebook page.

The first content patch will add back the Competitive mode to Overwatch. The mode was available during beta phase, but after some not-so-great feedback Blizzard decided to change several aspects of it; the developers are planning to release it with a patch before the end of June.

One of the first questions sent by fans asked about a potential Overwatch campaign add-on. Kaplan said that while there isn't anything concrete right now, Blizzard is known for its love of storytelling in all of its franchises (Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft, which is now even getting a movie) and as such, the thought has absolutely entered their mind. He also said that it would be more of a cooperative campaign rather than solely single player, which is another hint that the devs have actually talked about it.

In the meantime, Overwatch will get more lore via animated shorts, a graphic novel (First Strike) and comics. Going back to gameplay, new modes are being prototyped right now alongside new elements that could be added to the existing ones.

Finally, Blizzard is looking at how to implement a social system akin to clans/guilds in Overwatch, just like they have in all their other games. Just in case you doubted the huge popularity of this game, take a look at this: apparently, at some point yesterday the Overwatch subreddit was getting more pageviews than Reddit's very own frontpage.