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Keith May

All of our readers are familiar with our news, information, and review articles, but did you know we have a whole world of original and often exclusive content on our YouTube channel? We offer content ranging from breaking news to in depth reviews on games and hardware.  I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to a few of our original content that you’ll find when you subscribe to www.youtube.com/wccftechtv and join us there.



If the nitty gritty details on hardware is what you’re itching for then we have you covered in that area starting off with Usman’s in-depth and very comprehensive overview regarding new GPU/CPU technologies to arm you with the most up to date and accurate information for when you’re in the market for some fresh upgrades along with breaking news in “WCCF Bytes”


If you’re in the market for new products or just want to check out reviews for your own curiosity we have you covered in that area with reviews that are often exclusive to our YouTube channel.  So if you don’t want to miss any of those you’ll want to be subscribed; just like this review of the Nixeus VUE24A Freesync monitor.



We recently started up a new hardware series “WCCFTech Lab” where we take various hardware bits and toss them in a blender and see how the outcome goes.  This series is all about experimentation from odd pairings of hardware to overclocking and modding.  In this first episode with pair up a FX 8350 and GTX 980ti to see how it handles 4k gaming, the next one will feature an A10 7890k and overclock and modify Tessellation settings to see how much performance we can squeeze out of the little APU.



Is gaming more you thing? Sure hardware is cool, but without anything do with all that hardware it’s pretty much useless.  Our gaming YouTuber Tiffany delivers the goods with two series all on her own.  She brings you a regular all in one wrap up with her “In Case You Missed It” series where she delivers the gaming news as well as all the links you’ll need to dig in a little deeper on the topics you find most interesting.

But if you’re itching for a game review she has you covered there as well with her game reviews on the latest titles ranging from AAA to indie games.

You’ll also find a curated list of new game titles trailers.  I’ve been asked about that before by viewers and we do this so that we’re able to deliver new titles to you as well as gauge viewer interest so that we know what our viewers/readers are most interested in so that we can deliver content that best reflects in interest of you all.

We hope you’ll go visit our channel and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest releases over there and we’re always open to feedback that can help us improve and deliver the most to you, our readers/viewers.

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