New “Operation Scorpius” Video From AMD Hints At Bulldozer Release Date

Jul 22, 2011

AMD has released a short Cinematic Trailer for its FX Series Platform named "Operation Scorpius". The cinematic trailer for the Legend of FX graphic novel is available free online at in anticipation of the return of the return of FX Series Platform.

The trailer also hints at the bulldozer release date which you can see at 0:15 on the bottom left edge of the screen. The box reads the date  9/19/2011 which means Bulldozer will be launching in September. Another hints is the Frequency mentioned on the case which reads 3600mhz which means FX-Series processors will come at high base clocks, FX-8150 in this case which also features a 3.6Ghz stock speed and can turbo upto 4.2Ghz.

Do check out the video below: