OnePlus to Announce a New Product, Can You Guess What It Is


OnePlus has shown us a teaser of what to expect tomorrow regarding the company’s announcement of another product. Question is, can you guess what it is? Here’s a little hint to help you along the way: It’s not a smartphone that’s for sure.

OnePlus Reveals That Its Planning Something Special – No Smartphone Being Announced Tomorrow

Before you aim your ‘hope bow’ towards the heavens, you’ll be sorely disappointed to know that the announcement tomorrow is not going to be concerned with the arrival of a new handset. As OnePlus has stated time and time again that OnePlus 3 is the only smartphone from the company that’s going to be arriving this year, we can lay all rumors to rest, at least till the remaining period of 2016 has ended. So if we will not be witnessing the arrival of a new smartphone with the OnePlus logo stamped on it, what exactly should we be hoping to see?

If you take a look at the teaser video below, it looks like the company is planning to announce a smartphone accessory. Gaze into the video for a long time, and it would appear to be a new pair of earphones, which could be announced in order to replace the existing ones the company announced in late 2015. The current earphones are currently retailing for $49.99 and from what we have heard regarding their reviews, they are oozing with premium quality, and for that price, it’s quite difficult to find pristine quality earphones at the aforementioned price range.

OnePlus did state that the reason the company is not going to be working on a new smartphone to supplementing OnePlus 3 was because it wanted to focus on everything related to the Snapdragon 820. That’s completely understandable, and now, we’ll get to see a new pair of premium earphones that could possibly complement your purchase of OnePlus 3.

What do you guys think of the upcoming product? Tell us your thoughts in the comments right now, and be sure to check out the teaser video that we have provided below.