OnePlus 6 Rumored to Come in March Bearing a New Form of Security Scanner

OnePlus 6 Rumored to Come in March Bearing a New Form of Security Scanner

The OnePlus 5T signified the manufacturer’s dive into the 18:9 aspect ratio phone realm and it definitely looks like this is something that we’ll be seeing with the introduction of the OnePlus 6 in 2018. However, what can the phone maker bring something to the table that will allow it to maintain those thin percentage of bezels and also allow users to access the fingerprint scanner at the front? Stay tuned to find out.

OnePlus 6 Rumored to Get an Embedded Fingerprint Scanner - Will Allow the Flagship to Get a Fingerprint Reader at the Front

A new rumor believes that OnePlus 6 will feature a hardware change thanks to Synaptics, which introduced the industry’s first in-display fingerprint scanner that can be incorporated beneath the display. Accessing the fingerprint reader from the front has always been a simple solution, but since there is no way to do this thanks to the technology not being available, phone makers had no choice but to place one at the rear side.

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This might all change soon. However, Synaptics claimed that a top smartphone OEM would get the chance to use this tech on their devices, and it sure isn’t Samsung’s Galaxy S9 that’s for sure. OnePlus 6 has also been rumored to be announced in March, but we have a strong feeling that an improved version called the OnePlus 6T is going to be arriving later in 2018.

Both phones are expected to sport a Snapdragon 845 unless Qualcomm is brave enough to introduce something that packs slightly more punch. If the OnePlus 6 does not sport an in-display fingerprint reader, then the OnePlus 6T could definitely come with this change.

No, we still do not believe that the OnePlus 6 is going to provide support for wireless charging because the manufacturer is going to be aiming for a small price tag to cater to a specific consumer base? What sort of changes are you expecting from the upcoming flagship? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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