Is OnePlus Working On An Avenger Themed OnePlus 6? A Leaked Teaser Clip Suggests So, Raising Questions Around Its Launch Period

Ramish Zafar

Well folks, if you're eager for an expedited OnePlus 6 launch, the stars are finally aligning for its favor. After a succession of interesting developments, we have good reason to believe that OnePlus just might launch its 2018 flagship smartphone earlier than expected. This is surprising, as the hype train for the smartphone is particularly recent. All the gossip around Samsung's Galaxy S9 lineup and Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2s left little attention to spare. Now that both devices are official, we just might see the OnePlus 6 as soon as later this month. Today, we've got more details for the smartphone.

 Leaked OnePlus 6 Teaser Points Towards A Special Avengers Themed Smartphone Which Might Launch This Month Alongside With Infinity Wars If Company Follows Past Trend

When we study corporate behavior, particularly entrepreneurship, one thing becomes clear. It's always the smaller companies which generate the most creative ideas. This one fact is responsible for Apple's current organizational structure. As Cupertino grew over the years, it's tried hard to keep true with its small-company roots.

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This philosophy is embedded in Apple's operational hierarchy, as most units are kept completely independent of others. After all, the company has its own university dedicated towards studying and formulating new methodologies for balancing creativity with strict organization necessary for larger companies.

The concept highlighted above is most evident in the way OnePlus handles its flagship offerings. The company tries its very best to ensure that the products it offers are well differentiated in the market. This, and a strong focus on user requirements has led to a nice fan following for OnePlus; reminding us of Apple's early days post 2000.

Yesterday, OnePlus' Indian Facebook page posted an interesting short video clip. It switches between the company's logo and one for The Avengers. Last year, OnePlus launched a special Star Wars edition for the Indian market. With this short clip, do we assume that this year the company will follow suit and launch an Avengers themed OnePlus 6? As mentioned above, if last year's launch holds ground, then the answer is yes.

The teaser was taken down, so looks like OnePlus does have something interesting brewing up. As to the launch period, we've got little information right now. However, if you are extremely optimistic, then a launch could take place as soon as later this month.

Right now, the rumor mill pegs some pretty impressive specifications with the OnePlus 6. The Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM and impressive benchmarks combined with a rear dual camera will ensure that the device gives all other flagships a good run for their money. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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