OnePlus 5 Press Render Looks Like it Came Out of an iPhone Factory

Omar Sohail
OnePlus 5 press render leak

It is never a breaking story when you hear about Chinese smartphone manufacturers blatantly copying the design of Apple’s iPhones and on this occasion, it looks like OnePlus might be following in the same footsteps of its Chinese competitors when it comes to the OnePlus 5. If the leak turns out to be true, then we are looking at the actual press render of the potential price/performance flagship.

Dual-Camera Positioning and Overall Design Is Forcing Us to Say That OnePlus 5 Ripped Off the iPhone 7 Plus Design to a Small Extent

Previous leaks showed that the OnePlus 5 featured a centered position dual-camera similar to Huawei’s flagship smartphones but it looks like a new press render has a different story to tell. If the official image from Android Police ends up being true, then it looks like OnePlus again did not decide to invest a great deal of effort in picking out a new design for the smartphone.

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Once again, we will remind you guys that though this is not a bad decision by any means and if something is not broken, you should not attempt to fix it, we’re living in 2017 and phone manufacturers should bring something new to the table once in a while.

The rear shell does not appear to be made of glass and metal, suggesting that OnePlus 5 might not provide support for wireless charging after all, which is actually a good decision since this will save up costs at an astronomical amount.

What the company will be aiming for is delivering a decent looking Android smartphone to the masses with top-notch hardware and an incredible pricing ratio that will put flagship phones to shame. Still, we cannot help but wonder what price tag the smartphone will come attached here but we’re here to provide you with timely details on the upcoming device.

Are you satisfied with the decision that OnePlus has taken regarding the design of the OnePlus 5? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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