OnePlus 5 Camera Samples Apparently Leaked – EXIF Data Shows Samples Were Snapped in China

OnePlus 5 press image

Wouldn’t it be great if the OnePlus 5 was announced much sooner than later? That is wishful thinking although we have to say that the latest camera samples apparently belonging to the upcoming flagship’s rear shooter have been leaked, meaning that an unveiling might take place very soon. Let us examine the images as well as the EXIF data provided to better find out about the origin of these images.

OnePlus A5000 Is Listed as the Phone That’s Taken These Samples – One Leaked Photo Shows a Small Amount of Blur So a Dual-Camera Flagship Could Be on Its Way

Checking out the details in the EXIF details given below, we see that the model name of the smartphone is A5000, which is exactly what previous rumors have stated about the name of the upcoming Snapdragon 835 flagship. Now take a look at the details listed ‘Latitude’ and ‘Longitude’. This would suggest that the sample images (via True-Tech) have been taken in China, which is where the company originated from.

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As for one of the camera samples, there is a slight blur to the image, which gives us clues that the phone’s rear side might feature a dual-camera. A previously reported leaked image detailed the existence of a vertically-mounted dual-camera setup, so let us hope that this upgrade actually ends up incorporated on the phone. With this dual-camera, we also want to see specification changes from the company.


This would include an AMOLED display coupled with a QHD resolution. With the OnePlus 5 rumored to come with a metal and glass finish, this could also mean that the flagship will provide support for wireless charging.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind though; EXIF details can easily be faked to mislead the public so take this information with a pinch of salt for now.

We are really hoping to see a great camera software combo with the OnePlus 5. Do you wish to see the same upgrades? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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