OnePlus Founder and CEO Officially Tweets Out the Announcement Date of OnePlus 5

Omar Sohail

There were rumors presented earlier, detailing the announcement of the OnePlus 5 slated for June 15, but it looks like the company’s CEO and founder Pete Lau has put an end to all those rumors and given the phone’s actual announcement date. Get your seatbelts tightened because another price/performance flagship is going to be announced this month.

Pete Lau Announces on Twitter That the Company’s OnePlus 5 Will Be Unveiled on June 20 – Dual-Camera With Affordable Price Tag Underway

One Pete Lau’s Twitter handle, the CEO has laid down the hammer regarding the announcement date of OnePlus 5 being June 20. If our Maths is correct, then that leaves us with just two weeks for the unveiling for a potentially affordable flagship that will impress us with its stellar build and powerful hardware specifications.

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There is possibly no secret pertaining towards the internals of the smartphone. Since OnePlus has no one but Qualcomm to rely on, a Snapdragon 835 was always on the cards, coupled with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. There were rumors suggesting that the flagship will be outfitted with 8GB of RAM. From what we have seen before, increasing the RAM count does little good for the handset as opposed to tweaking the software and OnePlus found out the hard way when its 2016 flagship, OnePlus 3 took on the Galaxy S7 edge in a real-world speed test.

One disappointing aspect of the OnePlus 5 will undoubtedly be its resolution. According to details from a previous teaser, Pete Lau shared an image of what appears to be the home screen of a smartphone. If you decide to measure the pixels of this image yourself, it will turn out to sport a resolution of 1920 x 1080. OnePlus is attempting to keep the costs low as much as possible but looking at the trend of phones, a QHD panel should have been on the cards.

There are other details of the OnePlus 5 that we have not been debriefed on but we’ll advise you to remain patient till June 20, where we will be able to relay all the information that eluded you.


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