OnePlus 3 Takes On An iPhone 6s And The Result Isn’t Even Close

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Jun 19, 2016

OnePlus 3 has already gone head to head against a Galaxy S7 edge, and now, the smartphone with 6GB of RAM is going to take on Apple’s iPhone 6s to see if the specifications list on paper truly matters.

OnePlus 3 Vs iPhone 6s In The Latest Speed Test – Specifications Don’t Really Matter If You Don’t Deliver Finishing Touches To The Software

Before you view the video, let us compare the hardware specifications of both smartphones. iPhone 6s features a dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM while a OnePlus 3 sports a mammoth 6GB of RAM and a powerful quad-core processor. Under those comparisons, OnePlus 3 should undoubtedly be the winner right? Not quite, because if you glance your attention at the video, you will know for sure that hardware specifications matter little if software is left out of the attention zone.

This all happens because OnePlus 3 has an aggressive memory manager, which is definitely the reason why it is unable to fire up apps faster than an iPhone 6s while retaining it in memory. Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus also stated that one of the reasons why it’s Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone features an aggressive memory manager is because they want to cater to the user experience instead. Well, we have to say that if a smartphone sports more RAM than a Galaxy S7 but is not able to fire up applications despite being stored in the memory, then consumers definitely do not want such an experience.

OnePlus 3 Takes On An iPhone 6s And The Result Isn’t Even Close

As for OnePlus 3, the team behind its creation should really focus on improving the software bits of the device because it appears that all the focus went onto making the phone the best possible one of 2016, but only from a hardware perspective.

We also want to present a valuable lesson to manufacturers who are adamant to release smartphones and tablets featuring chipsets with 10 processing cores and possibly 8GB of RAM. If you cannot give the necessary amount of attention to the software, then incorporating tons of impressive hardware is absolutely pointless. Let us hope that OnePlus’ Oxygen OS receives a significant update in the foreseeable future otherwise an Android powered smartphone sporting 6GB of RAM is absolutely pointless.