OnePlus 3 Can Actually Take Great Images In Low Light – See The Sample Right Here


While smartphones can perform terrifically in daylight thanks to improve sensor quality and performance, they have yet to be tried and tested when cameras on both sides are tested in very limited lighting conditions. However, the latest OnePlus 3 low-light shot shows that the smartphone could end up becoming one of the most impressive price/performance devices that is actually incorporated with a terrific rear camera.

OnePlus 3 Low-Light Shot From Rear Camera Is Definitely Pleasing To The Eyes – Take A Look Right Here

Liu Zuohu managed to snap an image from the upcoming OnePlus 3’s rear camera in limited lighting and you can see from the image given below that the result is quite pleasing. We are not quite sure if the image managed to come out perfectly because of the light emitted from the other sources, but we suspect that the company will finally be able to put a rest to the mouths of critics who incessantly complain about how affordable Android phones feature the best of the best when it comes to internal components, but skimp out on providing the user with a near-perfect camera experience.

These are not the only camera samples that were released from the camera’s 16MP rear shooter. If you turn your attention to the images below, you might be able to make out what sort of capabilities the sensor houses underneath the 5.5-inch screen size of the upcoming flagship.


We reckon that the rear camera lens will have a wider aperture because in a separate camera sample leak, the image is shown to be separated from the background quite nicely, which can only happen if the camera lens’ aperture is wide enough. In addition, we are hoping that the device will provide numerous ways of allowing you to get the most out of your images and videos. With a manual camera control setup, you have tons of ways to get in touch with the inner depth functionality of the smartphone, and we might be getting way ahead of ourselves, but we are also hoping to get a manual video mode too.

As far as the rest of the specifications go, OnePlus 3 will be armed with a Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB of RAM as the base model and it has been said that OnePlus is working on its own Dash Charge technology to rapidly speed up the charging process. Looking at the specifications of the upcoming flagship phone, it will not take long for the device’s battery to be depleted. After all, having 6GB of RAM for the highest configured model does not exactly make things easy.


However, the 3,000mAh cell present inside the smartphone should be sufficient to provide the user with at least a 24-hour period of ‘screen on’ time.