Official Nintendo NX Logo Possibly Used In Project Sonic Trailer; NX The Final Name?


The official Nintendo NX logo might have been used in the recent Project Sonic announcement trailer. This would suggest that NX is the final name of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

As reported earlier, a new Sonic title, titled Project Sonic, was announced at this year’s Comic Con. Project Sonic will release in by the end of 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, PC , and the Nintendo NX.

While this isn’t the first time that the NX logo appears in a new announcement trailer, the logo that was used in the Project Sonic trailer, was different from the fan made NX logo that has been used since the console was announced last year.

The fan made Nintendo NX logo

As noted by Nintendo YouTuber, SuperMetaldave64, the NX logo used in the Project Sonic trailer uses a different font, a different size, and a different color.

While the fan made Nintendo NX logo uses also displays the Nintendo brand, the NX logo in the Project Sonic trailer, just displays the NX logo by itself.

Of course there's the possibility that the Project Sonic NX logo was created by SEGA with approval of Nintendo, SuperMetalDave notes that below the platform logo’s, a disclaimer is displayed stating that “Nintendo trademarks and copyrights are properties of Nintendo”.

Since the NX logo is the only Nintendo trademark used in the trailer, this might suggest that the NX logo used in the trailer is the official Nintendo NX logo. This might also imply that NX is the console’s final name.

As usual, take the information above with a grain of salt as Nintendo hasn't confirmed that the official NX logo has been used in the Project Sonic announcement trailer.