Avail An Amazing Price Drop Offer On eLearn Excel: The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle


Excel is a very important part of any job and you cannot survive without it. The quicker you realize this, the better for you. Every job relies on excel because to some extent almost all jobs are reliant on some sort of data. Getting a good teacher to teach you excel can be expensive. We at wccftech know that this can be a problem, so we are offering a great deal on eLearnExcel: The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle.

The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle features:

The bundle includes 9 very advanced and highly comprehensive courses that will allow you to become an expert in very little time. Each course has something unique to offer and you will not regret investing in it. Here are highlights of what each course in the bundle has to offer:

  • Excel Foundations
    Come to Grips with the Excel Essentials in Less Than 5 Hours
  • Excel Formulas and Functions
    Get Smart About Managing Data with Excel's Most Popular Functions
  • Excel Analyzing Data Course
    Make Sense of Large Datasets in 2.5 Hours
  • Excel Charts Course
    Make Your Data User-Friendly with Charts, Photos & More
  • Excel Pivot Tables and Dashboards Course
    Tap Into One of Excel's Most Powerful Visualization Tools
  • Excel Protection and Design Course
    Learn How to Lock Down Your Excel Workbooks in 6 Hours
  • Excel Recording and Macros Course
    Discover How to Automate Excel Like a Pro in 6 Hours
  • Excel Master Project and Certification
    Wrap up Your Excel Education with a Powerful CPD-Certified Credential
  • 15 Time Saving Excel Tips
    Elevate Your Excel Efficiency with These Smart Shortcuts

The discount on the bundle will expire in a few days. So you should not waste any more time and should invest quickly. Happy Shopping!

Original Price Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle: $1,066
Wccftech Discount Price Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle: $29