Nvidia’s Network Breached – Prompts Employees to Reset Passwords

Nvidia's corporate network has reportedly been breached. The breach prompted the company to ask over 500 employees to reset their passwords.

NVIDIA GridThe network breach had occurred in the first week of December and it had compromised the personal information of the employees. This is according to an email sent out by the company's privacy office and Nvidia's SVP and CIO Bob Worwall on December 17th. The direct involvement of Nvidia's CIO outlines the significance and magnitude of this incident.

Network Breach Prompts Nvidia to Tell Over 500 Employees to Reset Their Passwords

The data breach involved the user accounts and passwords of over 500 employees. According to the email sent out to the employees, there's no indication that other data has been compromised. Nvidia's IT team has taken extensive measures since then to enhance the security of the network against similar attacks in the future. The email entailed the following recommendations to the affected employees.

-Review bank statements and credit card statements for unauthorized activity.
-Call the police if you think you’re an ID theft victim.
-Be alert to phishing emails.
-Regularly change your passwords on both company and personal accounts.
-Avoid using the same password for more than one account.

It took Nvidia a couple of weeks to pick up all the pieces and assess the incident. From the above statements it appears that the issue was pinned down to an employee or several employees getting their personal data compromised outside of the company's network. And then having that data used to gain unauthorized access to Nvidia's internal corporate network.

You may wonder how exactly would naturally tech savvy employees of a tech company end up suffering from security breaches or hacks. The answer may surprise you but actually it's the same answer to how the British intelligence managed to breach Germany's enigma code used for the lines of communications in WW2. People got lazy with their personal responsibilities, it's really that simple.

Whomever planned the attack however did so with proper execution and great timing. Employees generally get slightly more sloppy towards the holidays, especially when it comes to matters as tedious as security measures. Imagine having to contact over 500 employees right before Christmas asking them to reset their passwords. It's just going to be a nightmare to deal with a security breach like this. We're hoping that no valuable personal or corporate data has been accessed, otherwise the incident could lead to catastrophic personal or corporate outcomes.

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