Nvidia Unveils New OEM-Only Geforce GT 440 SKU.

Nvidia has revealed its new OEM-Only SKU which is name the GT 440. According to reports the card is based on the GF106 and will make a retail appearance real soon. The card has all of its six memory paths enabled which means the memory is set at 192-bit and GDDR3. Nvidia Partner's have the option to install either 1536 MB (1.5 GB) or 3072 MB (3 GB) of memory.

The card is equipped with 144 Cuda Cores and clocks of the core are set at 594 MHz, 1189 MHz CUDA core clock, and either 800 or 900 MHz of DDR3 memory while providing a bandwidth of 43.2 GB/s. The card supports 2-Way SLI and the display connectors include DVI, HDMI, and D-Sub. The card consumes a maximum of 56W.


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