Nvidia Maxwell Based Tesla M60, Quadro M5000 and M4000 Professional Graphic Cards Spotted in Driver Update

Jun 29, 2015

Nvidia has recently added support for new Quadro based graphic cards in their driver update configuration file over at LaptopVideo2Go (Via Videocardz.com). The new models are the Nvidia Quadro M5000 and Nvidia Quadro M4000. The SIGGRAPH 2015 event is coming up and will probably see the launch of these Quadro SKUs. As noted by Videocardz, this is the same time-frame during which the Quadro Kxx2 parts were launched.

NVIDIA Quadro M6000_1A stock image of the GM204 based Nvidia Quadro M6000 Graphic Card. @Nvidia Public Domain

GM204 based Tesla and Quadro professional GPUs coming soon

This is going to be a relatively short update, since we don’t know much about the configuration of these GPUs. The Quadro parts are based on the GM204GL GPU while as the Tesla M60 is also based on the GM204 GPU. Since the core in question features a 256bit bus, we can expect either a 4Gb or an 8GB video buffer size – with the later being more likely considering the high end market in question. The relevant entries in the driver update are as follows:

NVIDIA_DEV.13F0.1152.103C = “NVIDIA Quadro M5000 “
NVIDIA_DEV.13F1.1153.103C = “NVIDIA Quadro M4000 “

In the previous generation, the x6000 variant had the x200 or the flagship GPU, the x5000 had the x204 or the middle end GPU and the x4000 variant had the low end x206 GPU. While the M6000 Quadro undoubtedly has the GM200, both the Quadro M5000 and M6000 are based on the GM204 GPU. I suspect we won’t see the GM206 make an appearance because of its low performance.

Although we do not know the specifics of the Quadro M5000 and M4000, we can safely assume that the 5000 counterpart will feature the full GM204. The M4000 on the other hand will probably feature a cut down variant – although how cut it will be is anyone’s guess. The GM204 GPU has 16 SMMs, so a good estimation would be around the 13SMM mark (± 1 SMM) with correspondingly 1536 to 1792 CUDA cores. The Tesla K60 on the other hand is expected to be a full fledged GM204 GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 vRAM. Given below is the comparison table with the new additions added.

Nvidia Quadro Series Specification Comparison

GPU Name NVIDIA Quadro M6000 NVIDIA Quadro M5000 NVIDIA Quadro M4000 NVIDIA Quadro K6000 NVIDIA Quadro K5000 NVIDIA Quadro K4000
GPU Core GM200 GM204 GM204 GK110 GK104 GK106
SMM/Compute Units 24 16 TBD 15 8 4
Core Count 3072 2048 TBD 2880 1536 768
Core Clock 988 MHz 1.1Ghz (TBC) TBD 900 MHz 700 MHz 811 MHz
ROPs/TMUs 96/192 64/128 64/128 48/240 32/128 24/64
FP32 Compute 7 TFlops 4.6 TFlop (TBC) TBD 5.2 TFlops 2.15 TFlops 1.24 TFlops
Memory Bus 384-Bit 256-Bit 256-Bit 384-Bit 256-Bit 192-Bit
Memory Bandwidth 317.4 GB/s 224 GB/s 224 GB/s 288 GB/s 173 GB/s 134 GB/s
Memory Clock 6.6 GHz 7 Ghz 7 Ghz 6.0 GHz 5.4 GHz 5.6 GHz
TDP 250W 165W TBD 225W 122W 80W