NVIDIA Tegra 4 ‘Wayne’ and ‘Grey’ Chips to be Unveiled at CES 2013


NVIDIA Tegra 4

NVIDIA is planning to unveil first details of its next-generation Tegra 'Wayne' and 'Grey' chips at CES 2013. NVIDIA Tegra 4 SOC which will be taped out at the end of this year would feature two chips - Wayne and Grey which would be integrated with 3G and 4G/LTE.

NVIDIA Tegra 4 'Wayne' and 'Grey' Processors

“We think we will announce our [next-generation Tegra] products at CES and our customers will announced their products at MWC,” said Chris Evenden, director of investor relations of Nvidia at Raymond James IT supply chain conference.

“That [Tegra ‘Grey’] is really the product that in about a year's time frame will really matter to get us into a larger part of the smartphone market,” added Mr. Huang.

“In the meantime, we are also ramping into the marketplace our next-generation application processor. So, we are looking forward to a new generation of superphones that it will be in,” said the head of Nvidia.


While Grey would pave way for NVIDIA in the smartphone markets, it is Wayne that would actually be true next generation NVIDIA Tegra 4 based multi-core CPU powered by ARM Cortex-A15 cores running at clocks from 1-2 GHz and an NVIDIA GeForce series graphics unit, presumably based on the highly efficient Kepler architecture. Both chips would be based on a 28nm process technology and would debut in Q2 2013. You can learn more at Xbitlabs.