Nvidia to End Support for All DX 10 Based Cards – Anything Not DX11 is being Left Behind

Nvidia has just recently announced something very important, it appears that they will be ending driver support for any and all Geforce GPUs below the Geforce 4xx Mark. I.e. they are ending support for all non-DX11 based cards, leaving only Kepler, Fermi and Maxwell with driver support.

Release Driver 343 onwards, Nvidia will no longer support anything except Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell

I am still rocking a GTS 250 for my casual rig. And I can understand there are those who still gratefully run an 8800 Ultra SLI configuration. Sadly, however, support for these old giants will soon cease. In their time (especially the 8800 GT ) these cards stood high and mighty. However, their great run will finally come to an end, at least as far as Nvidia Driver support is concerned. Ofcourse, any critical bugs in the drivers before Release 343 will still get fixed, but there will be no further support for these drivers and no optimization updates. Here is the official table of cards which Nvidia shall stop supporting. Basically the Geforce 8 Series, 9 Series, 1xx series, 2xx series, 3xx series and Geforce 405 from the 4xx series will not be supported anymore.

It is worth noting here that current release is the Geforce 335.23 so we still have a little time to go. I would also like to clarify that "bug" support that Nvidia has promised. Basically Driver 340, the last driver for all these old beasts, will be debugged till April 2016. However there will be no further improvements of any kind. No game optimizations, no nothing. Basically just driver maintenance. I would request a moment of silence for all these gaming masterpieces but with DX 12 coming up, this is only to be expected. However DX incorporation usually takes time and I doubt we will see it (DX12) anytime soon. Also with AMD dropping hints of #2isbetterthan1 all over the place, we should see Vesuvius aka R9 290X2 and consequently the much anticipated GTX 790 pretty soon.


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