NVIDIA SHIELD TV Now Competes With the Apple TV 4K With a Decent Price Cut

Omar Sohail
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Now Competes With the Apple TV 4K With a Decent Price Cut

With the Apple TV 4K ready to ship out to customers, NVIDIA has made an announcement of its own to compete with the tech giant’s latest iteration of the living room streaming experience. An updated version of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV features a smaller price tag, allowing slightly more affordability as opposed to the regular version.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Now Costs $179 but Only Features a Remote Control to Compete With the Apple TV 4K

The newest configuration of the SHIELD TV will sell for $179, which is the same price as Apple’s latest streaming box. While this is not a massive change, you should be informed that there are a number of differences when compared to the original $200 streaming box. For starters, you will still get 16GB of onboard storage and unlike the $200 product where you will also get a gaming controller, you will only get a remote control with this bundle.

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What this means is that NVIDIA is not going to be targeting casual gamers but streamers that want to experience high-resolution content comfortably. Keep in mind that it also supports 4K HDR so it will deliver vibrant colors for those that want the best out of their streaming experience.

“NVIDIA SHIELD is a streaming beast. The fastest, smoothest 4K HDR video. Infinite apps and entertainment. NVIDIA-powered gaming in the cloud or from your PC. The power to control every experience with your voice—soon even your home. It’s everything you want in one game-changing device.”

The sad revelation about this announcement is that the pricing competes with the $179 Apple TV 4K, meaning that several users might be compelled to purchase the latter because Apple’s streaming box will get more software updates that will result in better features in the coming years. With the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, however, it would have been a better choice had the manufacturer reduced the price even further to warrant additional encouragement.

The new configuration is available for pre-order today, but won’t start shipping until October 18th. Do you think it is a better purchase than the Apple TV 4K? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: NVIDIA

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