Nvidia Quadro New Series Lineup Arriving on 12th August – K420, K620, K2200, K4200 and K5200 Confirmed

Our Japanese colleagues over at Hermitage Akihabara have revealed the launch date and the lineup of the new Quadro series. I will not be tagging this one as rumor, since their leaks have been spot on in the past. The new series (so far) will consist of Quadro K420, K620, K2200, K4200 and K5200 and will paper launch on the 12th of this month with SKUs being available soon after. It is unknown how many of the lineup is Maxwell and how much is Kepler, though speculation on the same certainly exists.NVIDIA Quadro K6000 GPU

Nvidia Quadro K420, K620, K2200, K4200 and K5200 Launching on 12th August

Now I know the first thing anyone will ask is, are they Maxwell? Well, the lineup will almost certainly have Maxwell SKUs but it is just as certain that there are going to be Kepler parts as well. What is arguable, is the number of Maxwell Counterparts. Now we did have some previously revealed data on the lineup from driver changelogs and based on that, we are looking at 2 Maxwells. Both of them are allegedly, GM107 cores. That would also make these Quadros the 750/750Ti’s of the professional world, with the actual Flagship and the equivalent of the Quadro K6000 coming later. Now The 5200 is supposedly based on a Kepler core, which makes it an unsuitable replacement for the K6000. A GM204 Quadro K6000 replacement, would be perfect for Nvidia's value chain, unless they decide to go with GM200 directly. Here is the lineup leaked thanks to Laptop Video2Go and confirmed by HA:

  • NVIDIA Quadro K420 (NVIDIA_DEV.0FF3 )
  • NVIDIA Quadro K/M 620 (NVIDIA_DEV.13BB) Speculated GM107 Core
  • NVIDIA Quadro K/M 2200 (NVIDIA_DEV.13BA) Speculated GM107 Core
  • NVIDIA Quadro K4200 (NVIDIA_DEV.11B4)
  • NVIDIA Quadro K5200 (NVIDIA_DEV.103C)

Now interestingly the source mentions doubling of memory, and I am not entirely sure what to make of that. Are we looking at double the memory of the older generation? or what? But since the launch is just a few days away, it is kind of pointless to speculate at this point. However, I would like to pick a bone with Nvidia's nomenclature. The first alphabet depicts the architecture. So naming a Maxwell card 'K'xxx/x is absurd, but Nvidia  would have trouble switching over to the 'M' letter, not without utterly messing up the system. Here is an example, the mobile variants usually have the m suffix, so the technically correct naming of a randomly chosen Maxwell card would be Quadro M2200m but that is semantic redundancy and would be marketing folly.  Green can always decide to name the mobile series differently but that would just be a blunder over a blunder. Either way I would be very interested to see how Nvidia names their flagship professional GPU.

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