NVIDIA Officially Launches GF-110 Based Geforce GTX 560Ti with 448 Cores

Hassan Mujtaba

NVIDIA has officially announced the launch of its new GF-110 (Fermi) based Geforce GTX 560Ti. What's new about this 560Ti? Its based on the GF-110 Core and features 448 Cuda cores and would only be available in specific markets which include North America and Europe.

The Geforce GTX 560Ti features 448 Cores against the 384 of the GF-114 based 560Ti. Memory has also been increased to 1280Mb vs 1024Mb (GF-114) along a 384-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface. Clock speeds are identical to the GTX 570,  at 732 MHz core, 1464 MHz CUDA cores, and 950 MHz (3.80 GHz effective) GDDR5 memory.

Also, The GTX 560Ti allows support for 3-WAY SLI, Display connectors include two DVI and a mini-HDMI port. Power is supplied through Dual 6 Pin connectors. Pricing of the Geforce GTX 560Ti is expected around $289.

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