Nvidia Maxwell GM200 Based GPUs Will Retain 384Bit Bus – Alleges Unconfirmed Data

[Rumor] We have dealt with shipping data many times in the past and their authenticity has always been rock solid. However, even though this particular post stems from shipping entries, unlike its siblings, it is not confirmed and is based primarily on speculation over at 3DCentre Forums. However, the logic of the speculation is relatively solid as speculation goes, so it is definitely worth a look into.Maxwell-GTX-880-

Shipping Data Hints that Nvidia GM200 Maxwell Based GPUs will Retain 384 Bit Bus

So far all the leaks based on shipping data we have posted were 100% accurate so far. And for good measure too, since Nvidia cant really fake shipping data.  However, where previous data explicitly stated whatever we were posting about this particular post doesn't do that. It is because of this reason that you need to take this at face value. Basically, the shipping entry in question states the following: "SFCBGA45X45-M53X53-0.8-2397 GUIDE PLATE (GM200/GK210/GK180/GK110), 10101188100" with a few permutations. The argument goes like this, the GK110 featured a 384Bit Bus and while the GK210 and GM200 cores haven't been released, since the same component is listed for all of these, we are looking at 384Bit Bus Width.

The package measures exactly 45mm by 45mm for the GK110 so if that is the same for the GM200 as well then arent we looking at a 384Bit Bus indeed? Well, that is pretty weak speculation to be honest. However, a 384 Bit Bus would fit in with Maxwell's progression perfectly. Going from a 256 Bit Bus to 512 Bit Bus would be a relatively odd thing for Nvidia to do, so I would expect them to go from 256Bit to 384Bit. That, coupled with the fact that they using the same parts makes up for a very good probability that the GM200 GPU (Titan II or whatever you want to call them) will utilize a 384bit Bus. We already know for a fact that the GM200 will double the performance per watt of the GK110 so it should make for a very interesting read when the block diagrams of the architecture come out. That's it for this short update.

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