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NVIDIA Launches NVS 810 Digital Signage Graphics Card Powered By Dual Maxwell Cores – Features 8 Mini-Display Ports and 68W TDP


NVIDIA has launched their latest NVS 810 Digital Signage graphics card which is aimed at markets that require large amount of displays to run simultaneously but don't necessarily require a lot of graphical power for their work loads. The NVS 810 is NVIDIA latest product in their NVS series which are the business standard for multi display desktop graphics that combine industry leading hardware and software.

NVIDIA's Latest NVS 810 Digital Signage Card Packs Dual Maxwell Cores and 8 Mini Display Port Outputs

The first thing we note about the NVS 810 is that it is a relatively small card and has some decent specifications underneath its hood. Featuring a single slot design which comes with a full black cooler shroud, the card comes with a blower fan that pushes air out of the rear exhaust vent and some through the exhaust cuts featured on the rear side of the shroud. Since this is a new Maxwell based cards, NVIDIA gives the NVS 810 the same design treatment as most of their Quadro and Tesla based cards with a better look compared to previous generation offerings. The PCB underneath the hood is color green which reminds us of the legacy NVIDIA color used on the Tesla cards (The card is neither a Tesla or Quadro product but part of the NVIDIA NVS family).

Our new NVIDIA NVS 810 graphics board comes in a small package. But it delivers big output for multi-display digital signage installations. Its connectivity options are exceptional. It comes with eight mini-DisplayPort 1.2 connectors. Each can drive true 4K resolution displays that are all synchronized — an industry first. The NVS 810 joins our unparalleled lineup of Quadro and NVS graphics cards and display and desktop management offerings. These professional GPUs are behind many of the most impressive signage displays ever built. Driven by the world’s most advanced GPU architecture, NVIDIA Maxwell, the NVS 810 is a workhorse for the digital signage industry. It powers massive display walls with extreme screen resolution, enabling a more immersive visual experience. The NVS 810 card’s single-slot design coupled with NVIDIA DesignWorks technologies like Mosiac and Warp & Blend makes it easy to combine multiple cards into a single system to drive large signage displays cost-effectively. via NVIDIA

Talking about specifications, the NVS 810 is the second dual Maxwell based graphics card featuring two GM107 cores. The first one was the Tesla M60 which launched a few months ago for the Vitalization market while this one is aimed at the markets which require big output for multi-display digital signage installations. The Maxwell GM107 cores are actually the same revision that were featured on the GeForce GTX 750 (Non-Ti), featuring 512 cores per GPU (1024 CUDA Cores), 32 TMUs per core and 16 ROPs per core. The core clocks are not known but NVIDIA has went with a 64-bit DDR3 memory interface on each GPU rather than using GDDR5 solution to save costs since these cards aren't necessarily built to deliver massive horsepower. The card packs 4 GB DDR3 (2 GB DDR3 per GPU) memory that offers 28.8 GB/s bandwidth. The whole card has a TDP of just 68W which means that the core clocks are maintained quite low but still 68W is quite a low TDP  for a dual chip based card.

Like its stablemates, the NVS 810 also supports nView and NVWMI, among other tools, to simplify image management tasks and manage GPU installations remotely.

“The NVS 810 is a very exciting new GPU for Seneca’s visual media department, particularly for digital signage and video walls,” said Jami McGraw, product development manager at Seneca. “We are now able to offer customers higher output density with better performance, ultimately increasing the player-to-display ratio while simultaneously lowering installation costs.” via NVIDIA

NVIDIA NVS 810 Video Card Gallery:

Display outputs on the NVS 810 include 8 Mini DisplayPort 1.2 connectors that can deliver a maximum digital display resolution of 4096x2160 (4K) at both 30 Hz and  60 Hz refresh rate. The card can handle 8 displays at once while four cards inside a single machine can mean a total of 32 displays can be run at once without the need to add more cost to the PC by purchasing bulky graphics cards. The NVIDIA NVS 810 video card will be available in November through PNY and other global OEM and channel partners of NVIDIA. The price of the card is suggested around $650 - $750 US.

NVIDIA NVS 810 Video Card Specifications:

Product NameNVIDIA NVS 810
GPU CoreMaxwell GM107
GPU Cores1024 (512 per GPU)
ROPs/TMUs32/16 (per GPU)
Memory4 GB DDR3 (2 GB per GPU)
Bus Interface128-bit (64-bit per GPU)
Display Outputs8 Mini DisplayPort 1.2
Form FactorSingle Slot - Blower Fan
Display Resolution4096x2160 @ 60 Hz
4096x2160 @ 30 Hz
TDP68W with Active Cooling
Warranty3 Years
Price$650 - $750 US