NVIDIA Kepler GTX680 (GK-110) GPU-z Screenshot Exposed – Features 1024 Cuda Cores and 6Billion Transistors on 28nm Die


A GPU-z Screenshot revealing the specifications of NVIDIA's upcoming Kepler GK-110 chip based GeForce GTX680 has been leaked online. According to the shot, NVIDIA would double the number of Cuda cores on its 28nm Flagship GPU which would result in a huge performance gain over the past gen cards, Pretty much like the gain we saw in the earlier leaked benchmarks over here. However there is no official confirmation or proof on how legitimate the specs seem so take them with a grain of salt.

The GeForce GTX680 would be based on the GK-110 chip which is manufactured using the 28nm TSMC's Fabrication process, The card would pack a total of 6 Billion Transistors, 1024 Cuda Cores, 2GB GDDR5 memory (512-bit interface) and is part of the A2 Revision. DX11.1 Support and Compatibility with PCI-e 3.0 interface is ready!

According to a report by Nordichardware, NVIDIA was unimpressed by the AMD HD7970 during CES 2012, They said that they were expecting alot from the new 28nm card which suggests the company might be preparing some beastly counterparts at their end. Also, The Mid Range (GK-104) Kepler lineup is rumored to be as fast as the HD7900 Series. Only time will tell.