NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Pictured – GK110 Finally Arrives to Consumers With a Blasting 6 GB Memory


After probably months of wait, the GK110 chip is finally arriving for the consumers tomorrow with the launch of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX Titan GPU. The GeForce GTX Titan would feature unprecedented power output with the much great power efficiency of NVIDIA's Kepler architecture. The first pictures have finally arrived by our friends from Chinese Forums and Egypt Hardware so without further ado, i bring to you the glorious and much powerful single chip GeForce GTX Titan GPU:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan - The Technical Specifications

First of all, let's take a look at the specifications the GeForce GTX Titan boasts. The all powerful GeForce Kepler 110 core features a core count of 2688 Cudas which means that 14 SMX units are enabled out of the total 15.

Clocks are maintained at 837 MHz core and 878 MHz boost which are quite good considering the Tesla K20X which is the workstation equivalent of the GeForce GTX Titan is clocked at a lower 732 MHz. The memory is an absolute phenomenal boost over the GeForce GTX 680 with the GeForce GTX Titan boasting a 6 GB GDDR5 memory running along a higher 384-bit interface and clocked at the reference 6 GHz frequency. This would give a much needed boost for users running high resolutions/ 3D-Vision setups.

Furthermore, if one card is not enough for your needs (which it will indeed) than you can always add three more Titans to your rig since the GeForce GTX Titan support Quad Way SLI support. A 6+2 phase VRM powers the chip and memory which are powered by an 6 + 8 Pin connectors. The most notable thing to spot over the GeForce GTX Titan board is that there's a further space for a 8-Pin connector. This could point to only one thing and that would be custom models by AIB partners. Initially, we were told that the card would be locked by NVIDIA in the same manner the GeForce GTX 690 was allowing no voltage control or custom models from AIB but if NVIDIA does allows it with their GeForce GTX Titan than enthusiasts could be in for a great treat. A voltage regulation unit is situated on the front side of the PCB reallocated from the backside where it was spotted on the GeForce GTX 680

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan - The Heatsink and Cooler

Breaking down the heatsink which is made up of magnesium alloy metal, same as the GeForce GTX 690 we get a large vapor chamber with aluminum fins running along in parallel direction to each other. The heatsink is cooled off through a single 90mm blower type fan which may get a bit noisy if running SLI configurations. Overall, in looks the GeForce GTX Titan reminds me of its bigger brother, aka the GeForce GTX 690. I don't even know if i should call the 690 bigger since both cards would equally match in terms of performance. Nevertheless, a great and sexy design scheme.

The side has a huge GeForce GTX logo which might glow in the color green, might not? I guess we should wait for reviews tomorrow to confirm this. As for the card it would paper launch at the previously mentioned price point of $899 tomorrow. Check out the complete gallery of the Titan in the following pictures: