Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN-X Will Be Overpriced at $1300 MSRP in Europe

The Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN-X GPU was priced at the $999 price point at launch but due to exchange rates, taxes and import duties, its actually going to cost a lot more in Europe. Remember the rumors which stated that it will be around the $1300 range? well turns out, that holds true for European regions and UK. The official Retail Price of in the UK is £879, which is around $1300.

GeFoce_GTX_TITANX_FrontA stock picture of the GTX TITAN-X. @Nvidia Public Domain

Nvidia Geforce TITAN-X to cost £879 in the UK and approximately €1200 in Europe

To help put the price increase in perspective thats almost 1/3rd more the amount if you are unlucky enough to live in the UK or Europe. The GeForce GTX TITAN-X costs €1149 in Germany, €1199 in France, Spain, Holland and Belgium, €1249 in Italy and the Baltic states, and €1269 in Finland. The Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN-X will be available for retail in these stores later this month.

NVIDIA officially launched their high-performance GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card a few days back and it features the GM200 graphics processing unit. The GM200 GPU which is featured inside the Titan X is the fastest chip ever produced by NVIDIA, pumping out performance equivalent to two flagship GK110 cores from the past Kepler generation and delivering much higher efficiency with the enhanced Maxwell core architecture. The card packs 12 GB worth of GDDR5 memory buffer and has 24 Maxwell SMMs for a grand total of 3072 CUDA Cores, all the while keeping TDP in check.

The TITAN-X is by no means a budget GPU. It is also, most certainly not a semi-pro GPU. Rather, it is a luxury flagship item that gamers with deep pocket should get. The insanely large memory buffer will ensure smooth frame rates at high resolutions all the while keeping the large texture sizes with room to spare. The value of the card is definitely not one of its strong suites, especially if you are living in the UK or Europe. But if money happens to be of little consequence to you then this is definately a good card to get.


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