Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 Slide Deck Revealed – Marketed as ‘Overclocker’s Dream’ with Upto 1.5Ghz Clocks

The slidedeck of the Geforce GTX 960 was partially leaked by Videocardz.com earlier today. While it mostly serves as confirmation for the leaked specs of the GTX 960, it does tell us about the high overclocking potential of the card with clocks approaching 1.5 Ghz, something that might help offset the relatively weak performance of the GM206 die.gtx 960 reference shroud

Slides Confirms Leaked Specs of the GTX 960 - 1024 CUDA Cores, 128 Bit Bus and 2GB of GDDR5 Memory

We have been telling you for the past month about the upcoming January 22nd Event and the leaked slide deck confirms this as well. The GTX 960 is going to be the mid-tier king and will be placed just below the 970 in Green's lineup. The confirmed specifications (reference) are given below. Now here is the cool thing, the card is actually clocked at a meager 1127 Mhz which will result in abysmal performance out of the box. But if word is to be believed then this card can actually near the 1.5Ghz mark making it gain a ridiculously large chunk in performance through sheer overclock.

Specifications Comparison Table
WCCFTechGeForce GTX 980GeForce GTX 970GeForce GTX 960GeForce GTX 760
CUDA cores2048166410241152
Texture Units1281046496
Raster Devices64643232
Clock Speed1126/1216 MHz1051/1178 MHz1127/1178 MHz900/1033 Mhz
Memory Bus256-bit256-bit128-bit256-bit*
Amount of memory4 GB GDDR54 GB GDDR52-4 GB GDDR52-4 GB GDDR5
Memory Frequency7010 MHz7010 MHz7010 MHz6008 Mhz
Memory Bandwidth224 GB / s224 GB / s112 GB/S192.3 GB/s
Price$549 US$329 USTBC$249
*There is a 192-bit version of the card as well.

Now the rest of the slides don't really offer much detail except the usual marketing stuff. As we all know Maxwell architecture is twice as power efficient as before while staying on the same node. Nvidia is also adopting the buzz-phrase of 1080p Gaming at 60fps, the coveted golden standard in the console industry. The only particularly interesting slide given is the fact that they mention it as an 'Overclocker's Dream'  - a reference to the GTX 960's huge overclocking ability no doubt.


Slide-deck courtesy of Videocardz.com

One of the biggest problems this card will face is any resolution higher than 1080p. Even though this card was designed for 1080p, the tiny bus width (128 bit) will not allow it to be a success even at reasonable resolutions such as 1440p. And that is after accounting for Maxwell's innovative color compression technologies. Without those, I am sure it would not have been able to hit 1080p properly either. The 960 has half the bandwidth of the GTX 970 and significantly less than the GTX 760. According to the specifications, the 960 will outperform the 760 at lower resolutions including 1080p while performing at par or less than the 760 on higher resolutions depending on make/model/clocks.

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