NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Spotted At Computex 2013 – Features 2 GB Memory


NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 760 graphics card has been spotted at the Computex 2013 event. The GeForce GTX 760 is the little brother to the GeForce GTX 770 which was recently launched, more on the GeForce GTX 770 can be seen here.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Spotted At Computex 2013

Expreview got hold of the graphics card at the Computex 2013 event although they won't mention what exact vendor displayed it but it can be noted that the card is from AIB "Gainward". The specifications are not precise either, the site mentions a 2 GB GDDR5 memory which runs across a 256-bit interface and compatibility with the PCI-e 3.0 x16 slot. The GeForce GTX 760 Ti was also rumored to launch around Computex 2013 but i guess we would instead see the launch of the GeForce GTX 760 in a matter of days which is reportedly based on the GK104-225 A2 core architecture that is a slightly cut down version of the core used on the GeForce GTX 760.

The GeForce GTX 760 Ti on the other hand would feature a faster clocked version of the GK104 core used on the GeForce GTX 670 which would deliver better performance. The performance gain from GeForce GTX 660 to GTX 760 would be quiet massive since the predecessor was based on the inferior GK106 core architecture while the new model would feature the GK104 core. The card would be supplied power through dual 6-Pin connectors compared to the single 6-Pin connector on the GeForce GTX 660 which means we are looking at a TDP above 150W. For display connectors, NVIDIA would use Dual DVI, HDMI and a single display port.

NVIDIA used their Titan NVTTM cooler on the top GeForce GTX 780 and GeForce GTX 770 models would be going a step downward with the GeForce GTX 760 which would reuse the older blower style cooler used on GTX 670, 660 TI, 660 and 650 Ti Boost. A high-end cooler is not needed for a mid-range card like the GeForce GTX 760 since it won't be pumping out high amount of heat. The launch could take place in the next couple of weeks and if NVIDIA does plans to launch GeForce GTX 760 Ti later, then we can expect a price of $249 for this variant.