NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Review Out – Dethrones the HD 7970, Also Edges Out the GTX 590 in Most Benchmarks

Toms Hardware posted a review of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 which shows that the card not only outperforms the HD7970 but also the GTX 590 which is NVIDIA's current flagship dual chip GPU based on the Fermi Core featuring outstanding performance/watt and at a retail price similar to its competitors. The card officially launches on March 22nd for a retail price of $549 while Fudzilla reports a price of $499 which is pretty nice to hear.

The GeForce GTX 680 comprises of the GK104 Core which features 1536 Cuda Cores, A 2GB GDDR5 Memory Buffer. Core clock is maintained at 1006MHz (Stock) which Speed boost upto 1058MHz and Memory is clocked at 1.5GHz (6GHz Effective).

The Performance of the GPU was tested in most gaming titles which suggest which suggest that the card has upto 50% better Performance/Watt compared to AMD's HD 7970 at 1920x1080 Resolution. In most gaming titles, The card edges out the GTX 590 and HD 6990 at a load power consumption of 335.6W compared to 351.5W of the HD 7970.

In 3D Mark 11 the GPU scores the following results:

3DMark 11 Extreme Preset:

GeForce GTX 680: 3396X Marks

GeForce GTX 590: 3693X Marks

AMD Radeon HD 6990: 3502X Marks

AMD Radeon HD 7970: 2918X Marks

As you can see the performance in 3DMark 11 is pretty much near the previous gen based dual chip flagship cards and could be overcome by a little bit of overclocking, Inital reports suggest that the card can be overclocked till 1.2GHz all the way uptill 1.4GHz on the Core. SLI Benchmark results can be found here, Till then enjoy the slides from Toms Hardware:

Update: Toms Hardware has removed the review for now!

Update 2: Updated with 2560x1600 Res Benchmarks, GTX 680 still strong with a VRAM of 2GB!

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