NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti Arrives in Late Q3 2012

It has been revealed by Andrew Gibson aka Gibbo (OCUK Owner/Manager) that NVIDIA won't be launching the Mid-Range GeForce GTX 660Ti till Q3 2012. When asked about the availability of NVIDIA's upcoming GTX 670 and GTX 660Ti graphic cards, Gibbo unveiled that the 660Ti is approximately 6 months away from launch whereas the 670 launches this month.

GeForce GTX 660Ti which would be a third GK104 based SKU would be an extremely trimmed down version with a whole GPC disabled, That means the card would be featuring 1152 Cores, 96 TMU’s, 24 ROPs and also a 1536MB 192-bit wide memory interface. Such specifications would also allow the card to use lower power an would only need a single 6 Pin connector to power it on a much shorter PCB design.

The GTX 670 launches on May 7th, Gibson pointed out that the card would cost well over £300 or $399 as suggested by us earlier, Factory Overclocked models would cost a bit extra such as the earlier revealed MSI's GTX 670 OC Edition. While the 670 seems a great addition to the NVIDIA lineup, No mid-range product for the next six months seems bad for business when there are a wide range of mid-end cards from competitor AMD.

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