NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650 Gaming Performance Unveiled – Aimed to Tackle the HD 7850 and HD 7750


The latest performance slides of NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650 have been thanks to videocardz. The slides show gaming performance of both cards against competitors from AMD and also pit them against previous generation mid-end cards of the same price point.

For a quick specifications recap incase you haven't seen our previous articles here, The GTX 660 (non-Ti) is based on the GK106 core architecture which packs 960 cores and a 2GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory. Core clock is maintained at 980/1033MHz and 6008MHz for memory. TDP is rated at 140W and card requires a single 6-Pin connector for power.

The GTX 650 on the other hand is based on the GK107 core architecture which already exists on the GT 640 GPU however this version while packing the same 384 cores runs faster at 1058MHz core and 5GHz memory clocks. The card has a TDP of 75W due to which the board requires a 6 Pin connector to boot.

Coming to the performance figures, we are seeing that NVIDIA aims to take the GTX 660 against the AMD's HD 7850 GPU with which we are looking at some nice performance of about 20-30% average improvement. Pricing of the GTX 660 would be $229 which is pretty good against the $219 of HD 7850. We can assume that the card would end up as fast as the HD 7870 when the final reviews show up on 13th. Also TweakTown did an early review which can be seen here.

The card was also pit against previous mid-end series cards of the same price range such as the GTX 460 and GTX 560 and the card ends up atleast 60% faster than the GTX 460 and 30%  faster than the GTX 560 which shows the improvement of Kepler architecture over Fermi.

The GTX 650 which is a rehashed GT 640 would be put against the HD 7750 in the slides. The GPU is almost $40 more expensive than the HD 7750 but performance improvement shows a 20% average improvement over it. We are looking at the same trend with the previously launch GTS 450 where the card ends up around 20% faster on average around the same price range.

For users looking at the sub-$200 price segment cards, i suggest that waiting for the GTX 650 Ti model which has the GK106 core architecture would definitely be a better option. Until then we have to wait for these two cards two launch on 13th September which is two days from now. Both cards would be priced at $229 and $149 respectively.

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