NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Specifications Revealed – 576 Cores, 1GB 128-bit Memory

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 650 Ti specifications have been leaked by ArabPCWorld which suggest that the card would be a far more trimmed down version of the GK106 then as expected earlier.

The GK106 silicon used on the GTX 650 Ti would bear the "GK106-200-A2" codename which would feature 576 cores and 24 raster operation units but it isn't going to be using the same memory interface as the GTX 660 (Non-Ti) but rather a 1-2GB GDDR5 memory along a 128-bit controller.

Core clock would be maintained at 960MHz which is lower than that of GTX 650 (1058MHz) and there would be no Boost clock either. Memory would however run at a faster rate of 5.4GHz effective speed. Power would be provided through a single 6-Pin connector with a rated TDP ranging from 75-85W.

Launch is expected on 9th October whereas the pricing of the card would fall around the $149-$169 mark. However this doesn't leaves out the exception of a 768 Core SKU from NVIDIA, we may see one but we don't have any concrete details on it yet.

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