Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 Pictured, Will be Released in December.

It's been not so long since Nvidia's Geforce 500 Series "GTX 580" was released and now reports confirm another card based on the GF-110 Architecture to arrive as soon as December of this Year. Named the Geforce GTX 570 and based on the same chip on which the successor GTX 580 is built, The card will have one of its Streaming Multi-Processor Disabled which will bring the Cuda Core Count to 480 which is the same Count of  Cuda Cores on GTX 480.

The card will also maintain thermal specs equal to a GTX 470 which means extra performance wont effect the temperatures much along with lower power consumptions. The card will have a 1280MB of GDDR5 memory and the clock frequencies of the card will go like this - 690 Mhz on the core, 1380 Mhz on the shaders and 3800 MHz on the gDDR5 memory. Here's a Picture posted below which shows the reference design of the upcoming card.


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