Nvidia Previewed Unreleased Graphics Card At “Secret” Meeting With Select Members Of The Press

Khalid Moammer

Nvidia has invited select members of the press to a "secret" meeting in New York City last week to preview a yet unannounced graphics card. Details are very hush-hush at the moment as numerous prominent publications have not been briefed about this upcoming product as of yet.

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Nvidia and AMD have been known to conduct such discreet meetings with members of the press to talk about upcoming product launches. During these meetings journalists are usually briefed directly with information about a yet unannounced product launch, review sampling and the planned release schedule. They're strictly embargoed as all attendees are bound by non disclosure agreements.

Nvidia Conducts "Secret" Meeting, Previews Upcoming Graphics Card

These types of limited press briefings have notably happened prior to several prominent graphics card launches from Nvidia over the past few years and have become somewhat of a tradition. Thankfully as we did not attend nor have we signed any NDA we can bring you some of the details that we've managed to secure so far.

The yet unannounced board is said to be launching "soon" and was showcased to attendees of the "secret" meeting this past week. Interestingly we've not found any leak pertaining to this upcoming product launch, so it's definitely been one of Nvidia's better well kept secrets. We've dug around and we have a fairly decent idea of what this new product is going to be. And we'll make sure update you as soon as we have confirmation, so stay tuned.

Graphics CardGPUCUDA CoresCore / Boost ClockTDP MemoryMemory BandwidthPrice
Coming SoonGM200 x 2Twice As ManyPretty HighA Lot Of WattsMany GBsMany GBs per secondExpensive
GTX Titan XGM2003072/192/961000/1089 MHz250W12 GB336 GB/s$999
GTX 980 TiGM2002816/176/961000/1076 MHz250W6 GB336 GB/s$649
GTX 980GM2042048/128/641127/1216 MHz165W4 GB224 GB/s$499
GTX 970GM2041664/104/561051/1178 MHz145W3.5GB + 0.5GB 192 GB/s$329
GTX 960GM2061024/64/321127/1178 MHz120W2 GB112 GB/s$199
GTX 950GM206768/48/321024/1188 MHz90W2 GB106 GB/s$159
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