NVIDIA 365.19 WHQL Game Ready Driver Optimized For DOOM/Homefront/Master Of Orion

NVIDIA has just released their new 365.19 WHQL Game Ready driver which has been optimized for the upcoming DOOM, Homefront: The Revolution, and Master of Orion.

Yesterday, AMD already released their new Crimson Edition 16.5.2 drivers with DOOM support, and now NVIDIA follows suit with an optimized driver for Bethesda’s upcoming shooter. Additionally, NVIDIA claims that the driver is optimized for the new Homefront and sci-fi strategy game, Master of Orion.

Furthermore, the new 365.19 WHQL adds several SLI profiles, including profiles for Battleborn, Master of Orion, and Battlefleet Gothic Armada. As usual, the new driver also fixes several Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Vista issues.

Check out the full release notes for the 365.19 WHQL driver below:

New feature and fixes in driver 365.19

"Game Ready" for DOOM, Homefront: The Revolution, and Master of Orion.

Added or updated the following SLI profiles:

Battleborn - AFR SLI profile added

Battlefleet Gothic Armada - SLI Single set

Dead Island - redux version EXE added to original profile

Dead Island: Riptide - redux version EXE added to original profile

Master of Orion - AFR SLI profile added

Obscuritas - AFR SLI profile added

The Moonlight Blade - SLI Single set

The Solus Project - SLI Single set

World of Warships - SLI disabled pending fix of SLI-related issues by the game developers

Windows 10 Fixes:

Operating system crashes in 0x113_dxgkrnl!DpiFdoHandleSurpriseRemoval during upgrade. [1529462]

[SLI] Talos Principle crashes with SLI enabled. [1732418]

[GM107] Playback pauses, flickers, and rolls back after hot attach and detach with system DisplayPort. [1736912]

After Enable/Disable Surround and Bezel Peeking are enabled in Configure Surround, PhysX > Span displays with Surround, Keyboard Shortcuts no longer functions. [1738298]

[Windows Media Player, OCX, ASF] Read access violation @ nvd3dum!CDX9VideoCallbacks::getSurface_NON_NEAR_NULL_nvd3dum!free nvd3dum!_aligned_free nvd3dum!cresource::destroy n. [1754145]

[VR, Oculus Rift] Blacks appear bright grey with the Rift set to TV Levels. [1754702]

[Shadowplay] Second Life Viewer crashes on opening when Shadowplay is turned on. [1756448]

[364.72, 364.76] Glacier NVIDIA D3D test application Rthdribl.exe performance significantly drops after update from 362.00. [1758879]

VulkanRT-Installer triggers virus scanner false positives. [1763395]

[GeForce GT 720] NVIDIA Control Panel can’t change refresh rate in multi-display configuration (onboard VGA + dGPU VGA or HDMI). [200147951]

Support Microsft Hybrid with Apollo Lake and Kaby Lake CPUs. [200190085]

Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista Fixes:

Talos Principle Vulkan build: Performance optimizations. [1731228]

Unreal Engine 4 Vulkan crashes when multiple renderer threads are used. [1757734]

VulkanRT-Installer triggers virus scanner false positives. [1763395]

[Windows 7 x64] 3DMark 11 Displays garbage. [200175473]

The 365.19 driver can be obtained from Nvidia’s driver download page. The driver’s full documentation can be downloaded here.

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