NVIDIA Jetson Tegra K1 to start Shipping 15th May – Targetting the Sub 10 Watt Market Space at Launch

We talked a little about how the Nvidia Tegra K1 Jetson  is all set to boast some impressive number crunching upon release and now we finally have confirmation on the exact ship date. The board is due for shipping on 15th may and will come with a complete Nvidia Tegra K1 Jetson board and dev kit.

Tegra K1 Jetson Development Kit by Nvidia to start Shipping on 15th May - Lucky Few have already Received Eng Samples

The Tegra K1 is the first mobile chip by Nvidia to have CUDA implementation. It is also the first mobile chip to surpass the 300 Gigaflops mark in Single Precision computing, thanks to its general purpose, GPGPU CUDA Cores. The clock speed will be above 1 Ghz and it is targeting the sub 10 Watt market space, allegedly. I don't know whether these two specs are interrelated but if the chip is actually sipping below 10W for clocks over 1 Ghz then it is quite impressive. Fan-less SoC design usually begins at less than 5W and I expect we will see that soon enough too with low enough clocks.  Needless to say, benchmarks should be coming any day now, so stay tuned.

The board will features the following: 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, one half mini-PCIe slot, one full size SD/MMC connector, and a full size HDMI port. The board also provides one USB 2.0 port (micro AB), one USB 3.0 port (A), one RS232 port one ALC5639 Realtek Audio codec with Mic in and Line out, one RTL8111GS Realtek GigE LAN port, one SATA data port, and an SPI 4 MByte boot flash. Linux for Tegra, a modified version of Ubuntu 14.04 provided by Nvidia. There's also the Board Support Package and software stack, including OpenGL 4.4, as well as CUDA and the VisionWorks toolkit. We already have a very good idea about performance as well:

Wccftech.com  Tesla K40 + CPU  Nvidia Tegra K21
Single Precision Peak  4.2 TeraFlops  326 GFlops
Single Precision SGEMM  3.8 TeraFlops  290 GFlops
Memory  12GB @ 288GB/s  2GB @ 14.9GB/s
Power (CPU + GPU) ~ 385Watt  <11Watts
Performance Per Watt  10SP GFlops Per Watt  26SP GFlops Per Watt

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