Nudges Are Now Live in Gmail on Android and Desktop


Gmail is without a doubt the best email provider in the market right now. With over a billion active users, even a small QoL improvement can go a long way. A few weeks ago, Google announced several new features for the service that included a complete redesign of the UI. Another new feature that slipped under the radar was that Gmail would use machine learning to suggest emails that you might need to reply to. It was called 'Nudges' and was stated to be rolled out 'soon'. It looks like the wait is over, as several users have reportedly seen it go live in their inboxes. Nudges are now available on both the desktop and Android version of Gmail.

Within the settings section of the Gmail application, you will find a “reply and follow up” section where you can configure how this new feature works. Once toggled, Gmail will suggest emails that it thinks you should reply to in case you may have forgotten to respond to them. The second toggle will allow Gmail to suggest emails that it feels you need to follow up on. It can be an email where you have told someone that you will get back with them a certain number of days or just a reminder about an event in which you were talking to someone about. It might not be a hundred percent accurate but is expected to get better with time as Google reads more of your emails, improves its machine learning prowess.

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The suggested emails will appear on the top of your inbox, and Nudges will be switched on by default for all users in the coming weeks. With Smart Replies, Smart Compose, Nudges and other AI-driven features, Gmail is already miles ahead of any competition. We could even have Gmail automatically replying to emails sometime in the future, judging by the rate at which things are going.