Beautiful Nokia P1 Concept Relives the Former Phone Maestro in an Android-Running Flagship Form


Nokia P1 has been rumored to be the official name of the upcoming flagship, and if the Nokia 6 was such a looker despite featuring mid-range hardware, then you can only imagine the level of efforts the manufacturer is investing to deliver a premium handset to the masses. While there is still time for the flagship to be announced, here is a concept of the Nokia P1, giving us a small glimpse of what the flagship could look like.

Check Out the Level of Detail and Precision of the Nokia P1 – Manufacturer Might Offer Something Similar During the Actual Announcement

The specifications of the Nokia P1 according to the concept are detailed as follows:

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  • 6GB RAM
  • 256GB internal storage
  • 22.3MP rear camera

The specs listed above are very close to what we can expect from the actual Nokia P1, although featuring 256GB of internal memory would be pointless for the average user. Bezels on the top and bottom of the smartphone increase the overall size of the phone as you can see in the video, so we’re hoping that this does not become a part of the handset.

With Nokia poised to release an Android-powered, could there be a possibility of the company releasing Windows 10 Mobile devices in the near future? There is; with Microsoft revealing that it has partnered with Qualcomm to bring native desktop Windows 10 apps support for ARM processors (with the minimum chipset requirements being a Snapdragon 835), this will give the manufacturer the ideal opportunity to target customers hailing from the world of enterprises.

The Nokia P1 has also been rumored to come with its own version of AI and has been codenamed Viki. It will be exciting to see how this virtual assistant performs against the likes of Bixby and Siri, but for now, enjoy the beautiful Nokia P1 concept shown below.